Remote Desktop Client. . . uhhhhh

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I installed the client from apple's website. 1.2

How the hell do I actually use it? I have a computer that's elsewhere that is set up to share its desktop. Very confused.


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    you need to have the admin app...

    the client is just so you can set up your (pre panther) computer to be recognized by ARD admins...

    the client is built in in panther...

    the admin app is what allows you to see other people's desktops...

    check this out:

    just as a quick tutorial... check out this image...

    all three computers are running 10.2

    the circled binoculars indicate that the computer is being observed (well in this case controlled) by Remote Desktop

    the circled dialog box indicates that the computer has the CLIENT installed... the running application on this computer is named "Remote Desktop" this is the admin application that gets installed with the admin RD pkg... this is the application that allows you to see and setup other computers remotely...

    in this case I am running remote desktop from the eMac where I work to take control of the iMac in my room that also has RD installed so I can take control of my TiBook which is hooked up to the software base station I am running from the iMac. This is so I can chat on AIM from work . Works pretty well...

    the reason the airport and RD menu icons are hidden in this screen cap is because the iMac only has so much screen real estate and the RD app has a LOT of menu options...

    (can you tell it is finals around here? I'm doing anything to procrastinate!)
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    That sucks ass.

    I have to pay quite a bit just to see my one computer's desktop. . . . Windows can do this for free. It would be a nice thing to have a single-license remote desktop "admin" be free.

    Hell, we know apple doesn't make any money off the thing.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    there are similar alternatives that are free... cross platform too

    I can't think of the name off the top of my head.... but I believe it was called OSX VNC or something similar to that...
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member is a place you can learn more about it...
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    Can't you just turn on file sharing in system preferences and remote login? I believe there is a way to do what you want this way. I'm no expert, but believe it is possible with no extras involved.

    I have no use for it, but it's worth at least trying or looking into.
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    VNC takes mucho data throughput, and I'd rather not. I have several network drives mounted on a computer, and remote desktop would just be the best way to deal with these.

    But It's not terribly inconvenient to FTP to those drives when I need them.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    eh... just pirate it from [censored]

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