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I set up an old iMac for my Mom, but I had to replace the HD. When I did, I just copied my old one using Carbon Copy Cloner. This'll be nice when I go home for Christmas so that I can continue to work on my stuff. However, I use Dvorak as my main keyboard layout and I want her to use the standard USA keyboard layout. When I first installed the OS, it asked for what layout I wanted to use, now I don't know how to change it. The only reason I really want this is so that the login window will be the standard layout. I know that once she logs in her settings will take over. If you could help me, that would be great.


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    Could somebody move this to Genius Bar? That's where I meant it to go.


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    You need to launch system preference as the root user. I've had to do exactly this for the same reasons. I'll google for the instructions I followed and post them in a mo.

    There's a thread here:

    which basically says do this in the terminal


    sudo /Applications/System\\\\ Preferences &

    Do that, change the keyboard then log out and log back in. (The thread later claims this won't work but I'm reasonably sure that's what I did. There's a suggested workaround anyway if you have trouble.)
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    To the bar with you!
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    Thank you very much, it worked great. The '&' at the end messed up me entering my password, but when I entered it without it, everything worked as expected.

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    or you could just make her password only numbers...

    then the layout doesnt matter and you dont have to play with root...
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