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i have a number of email accounts, with one pop3 account being my 'day to day' account. in mail under 10.2 i had this account checked to 'include in send and receive' but not the others (as i check these manually)

but in mail in panther, when i click the get mail button it checks all the accounts (even though they are not checked to be included in 'send and receive')

any ideas?


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    I don't know how to get it to not check a mailbox when the Get Mail button is pressed. I wanted to do this for a time because have my school address and then I have a mail alias that points to my school account. I wanted to be able to send from both accounts or rather send from my school account using multiple email addresses. I did not want to check my address that was an alias because it just just connected to my school account and downloaded duplicate emails. Everything was fine when I set it up, the auto check would only check my school account, but when I clicked the button, I would get a bunch of duplicate emails. What I did to solve this problem is that I put a filter that deletes all emails coming to my alias account, then I put another filter that separates the mail that is coming to my alias email address and moves them to the alias account. It works great. Oh, by the way, I had some trouble setting up two accounts that check from the same server with the same user name. I had to go into the preferences and set the settings manually. It wasn't hard, I just put incorrect data in the preference panel and then looked for it and replaced it in the preference file. I'm not sure, if this all makes since or if it'll help, but just be aware that there are some tricks you can play with accounts in mail.

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