Any way to set Network priority based on the App?

in macOS edited January 2014
i've got some backups that run during the day at work. those are backups coming in to my server from other machines.

at the same time, i have an offsite backup that runs, copying last weeks backups to an offsite location.

however, i've found that the offsite backup chews up a huge amount of bandwidth, and severely hurts the incoming backup rates.

instead of backing up at a meg a second, they back up somewhere around 170Kb.

since the offsite backup has to run for 4-5 days to finish though, i really need a way to set it as having low network bandwidth priority.

at night, i want it running full bore. during the day when backups are occuring, i want it to throttle down to a trickle.

anyone know of a way to do this in OSX?
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