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I want to convert some cassette tapes to mp3 ... is there any way (and what hardware) to go from the audio out on a cassette player directly to USB or Fire input to the computer ? (iBook 466 OS X or 9).

It's just speech, not music, but I'd like to avoid the background noise of just playing the cassette into a microphone.

I'm thinking of just a cord with an RCA or headphone jack on one end... USB or Fire on the other end and a software driver that makes it look like a USB microphone. (could it be that simple?)

thanks folks!


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    The answer is iMic. It is a USB plug attached to a wire ending in a little pod with stereo mini jacks for audio in/out, and a toggle switch for mic./line level. You might need an RCA-to-mini adapter from Radio Shack, depending on your cassette deck. iMic is about $35.

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    The Apple Store carries it. Couldn't be simpler.
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    Yes, the iMic is the best choice as a simple audio input like this. There are other "fancy" solutions but if you're just going to dub a few cassettes into your iBook, the imac will be a nice easy solution, and cheap.
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    Griffin are coming out with a new gadget which has a wider selection of audio inputs, combined with a 4-port USB hub. It looks pretty nice.
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