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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm confused: can iTunes Music Store certificates be purchased in "real life", or did I dream this?

Places that sell iPods (Best Buy, Target, etc.) have these?

What about the Apple retail stores? Or are their certificates/gift cards just for hardware and software in the store?

I never was clear on if there was - or going to be - hard copy certificates/cards available.


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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    Well, you can send a certificate via. USPS, so that's a hard copy version. No clue about availability in Apple Stores.
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    Last week, I called the Houston Apple Store to ask if they had iTunes gift certificates available in the store, and the person I talked to said yes. I said "Just to clarify, you sell a physical gift certificate I can walk out of the store with", and the response was "That is correct sir."

    I have not yet been there to confirm if it is really true.
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    Apple did announce via email that certificates were available to purchase at Apple Stores as well as on-line.
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    I got mine on the first day in the Apple retail store.

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    bought a gift certificate today at the Oak Brook, IL store. All that's necessary is the coupon code number for the recipient to plug into their iTunes setup, but it gives you a physical object to hand over to someone.
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    everyone send apple a request for "delayed certificates". right now you cant have it sent on a certain day, so it's hard to give as a gift on a certain day....
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