major ichat probs.. please help!

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ok, i installed panther last night and i'm assuming it upgraded my ichatav software to the actual ichatav prog. i used it both right after the install and today, then i took it home from college, and it doesnt work. all other internet related things work flawlessly, but ichat starts to open then it closes itself... any thoughts? this is really frustrating! (this is my only prob wih panther so far though) thanks!


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    There was a thread about this in GB a few days ago, try deleating your caches first, if that doesn't work it may be the router you are on, try resetting the router, that just might solve it. Resetting the router has worked for several other users in the past so it might do the trick for you. If your not on a router than you might want to try to re install iChat AV. Here is a link to the thread that I'm referring to in case your interested. And just a note, something like this would probably get a bigger response if it was in Genius Bar.

    Edit: From Brad...


    Try this. Go to your Network System Preferences. Set your connection to none. Apply and try launching iChat again. It the app launches but fails to connect, you've got the same problem that I had.

    Gotta love that guy, he knows everything.
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    wow that worked! i love this place (and ya, i forgot about the GB). i love it when people are right
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