Apple Remote Desktop update? Why?

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I just ran SWUpdate and found the 10.3.2 update (which installed and seems to be working flawlessly so far) but SWUpdate also listed a revision to the Apple Remote Desktop client as something I'd want to download (the box next to it was checked.) Am I correct in assuming SWUpdate puts a check in the box next to updates it "knows" your computer needs, because previous versions of the software are present? For instance, I don't own an iPod or have Bluetooth capability, so when those updates are listed the boxes next to them aren't checked by default.

For shits and grins I downloaded the ARD update just to see what would happen. Now I can't find any reference to it on my computer. For a brief second I was paranoid that someone had installed the ARD client on my computer and that was why it was showing up, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Should I do something to make sure, or am I worrying over nothing?


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    mlnjrmlnjr Posts: 230member
    And I think I'll answer my own question. It appears that ARD client support is built into Panther, or so it would seem. System Preferences > Sharing is where you can enable ARD.

    Color me surprised.
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