iMac shipping problem coninued...there is more to it than I originally thought!

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Today my Dad tells me that Apple called and said they need a new credit card # because they tried to charge it to the # we gave them and it didnt work.

The reason it dodnt work is because two weeks after the order was placed my Dad called American Express and canceled and reopened a credit card because his # was given out over the phone to someone who he was uncomfortable with knowing that info.

This is probably the reason for the hold up or is it?

Could the delay be because of the credit card foul up or because Apple was ABOUT to ship my iMac today and charged the credit card and found it to be deactivated?

Tommorow my Dad will call and straighten out the mess.

Hopefully I will get my iMac before the CD-RW models ship!

Do any of you think my imac will ship immediately upon having the new #? I hope so!


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