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I just picked up a Dual 800 Quicksilver, (to good of a deal to pass up for a dualie after the price drop), and I really dont like the keyboard. It types nice and everything but everything is so close together. I like a little space.

I was using a Macally iKey before this on my imac and it was great.

Any suggestions for another keyboard. I have looked and have not seen any that say they have the cd eject key, volume keys, ect...

Thanks in advance.



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    I think you'll have a hard time finding a replacement with the eject and volume keys. I don't think any third parties sell 'em.

    I'm curious: what do you find so small or "close together" about the Pro Keyboard? :confused: It is the same size as the old Apple Extended keyboards and just about every cheap-o PC keyboard. The only difference I see is that the keys have a softer touch than most other keyboards.
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    There is more space between the function keys and the other keys on this PC keyboard.

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to write a driver/patch/thing of some sort to map volume and eject functions to function keys?
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