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Hey. I have a 1GHz iBook and a 1.25 Dual G4 PowerMac. Both have Panther 10.3.2 & 10.3.1 installed, but there are a few strange differences. One that I notice is expose on the iBook, which acts differently than the PowerMac.. When I 'F11' on the iBook, everything shrinks into a tiny window similar to the one your picture gets put into in iChat. You can drag it anywhere on the screen, and clicking it opens all your windows again. On the PowerMac, 'F11' sends all windows off the screen and puts up the grey border around my screen edges. I much prefer the 'F11' on the iBook, it's a lot better than the PowerMac's one, but there are no options to change it, and I can't figure it out!

I'd like to have the iBook's 'F11' on my big computer.. Help much appreciated!


edit: I probably should add that the difference was present when both machines were running 10.3.1


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    You don't happen to have Xupport 2 Beta installed by chance do you? There's something in there that can turn on an option for that F11 feature you described... though I assume it could be set by some sort of terminal command to update a plist file.
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    sounds like the Powermac is "stock" and the iBook has a haxie or tweak running

    specifically the (undocumented and unstable) Hackpose blob, though there may be other 3rd party Expose tricks


    Hackpose Version: 1.1_

    Product Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

    What's new in this version:

    Turn on the alternate "Show Desktop" feature of Expose where the windows turn into one small window (not shooting off the sides as usual)

    Product Description:

    **WARNING** This "hidden" feature has been known to crash certain machines and possibly cause erratic behavior. If you don't feel comfortable with this fact, then please DO NOT use this software. This feature is a non-authorized feature and If Then Software is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any data loss, crashed machines, etc. as a result of using this software. You have been warned.

    sound familiar?
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    "sound familiar?"

    Very. But that's odd.. I haven't put anything on the iBook other than the few apps I need at uni.. It's still got the stock system software on it and I haven't even upgraded Mac OS yet. (I actually don't want to in case I lose the good expose..)

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    From VersionTracker:

    Yeah, but... __OutOfLuck__

    Version: 1.1, 11/2/2003 08:32PM PST

    Well, I think most people understand that a "hack" may cause problems. On the other hand a known issue should be in the documentation (BTW, it does state that the developer wants to know about bugs). The un-clickable screen area is a known "bug" (and really "folks" probably the reason Apple didn't make it an option), and users should be in formed of it by the developer. See, here's the reason, someone who doesn't know any better might think that their apps are behaving improperly and submit a bug report to another developer, causing headaches for someone else and even possible revenue lost. So, hey drsos, run with scissors all ya want, just don't fall on me.

    Ok. That's exactly the problem I'm having.

    So.. What, the Apple techs sold me a machine they'd been playing around on? I can't turn this thing off, and although it's cool, the unclickable areas have been happenning all the time. I have to move windows to the centre of the screen so I can click the red widget.. (Call me lazy for not 'apple-w'ing it..)

    Ugh.. I want this feature.. It's awesome, but I think I may have to get rid of it.. Any ideas on how?

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    people have posted terminal commands that trigger blob function in public,

    sometimes without the helpful warnings that these may cause instabilities.

    if you, um, 'accidentally' entered one of these strings in premature expose urges, it might account

    a little poking around the toggled settings might resolve your problem.

    if not, the developers of these tools (who speak terminal) may advise.
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    jimzipjimzip Posts: 446member
    Thank you very much for the fix. I found a heap of stuff in that thread, most I knew of and a lot I didn't. For anyone else who has had this strange random problem; here's how to turn it off:

    In Terminal:

    defaults write com.apple.dock wvous-olddesktop -bool true; killall Dock

    and to see if you like this feature (which I really wish was the real F11..) To turn it on, dump this in..

    defaults write com.apple.dock wvous-olddesktop -bool false; killall Dock

    Just in case you haven't read this thread.. It causes strange things to happen to the GUI such as unclickable corners of the screen. But it's a great feature...

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