Apple Price Matching?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all, I need to purchase a new 15" powerbook and an airport extreme base station for school ASAP. I know that macworld is right around the corner but I really can't wait that long. Does anyone know what apple's price matching policy is on the off chance that they lower the pricing on either the airport extreme base station or 15" albook? Thanks a lot.


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    ? I don't think they pricematch at all. You're best bet is if you absolutely need it then buy it.

    Maybe you could try buying it from fry's or something.
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    YES, YOU CAN WAIT TIL MACWORLD! PLEASE WAIT! i feel so bad when i see snaps from new computers bought in the past couple weeks. its just not worth it. what could you possibly need a new portable for in the next couple weeks that you cant find a substitute for? just try to borrow one or something...
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