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My 400 disc Sony CD changer gave up the ghost today. Whether I take it in to get ot fixed or buy a new one, the result is the same - I need to enter all of the disc data by hand again! I can't believe that there are no controllers out there below $2000 that grab disc data from CDDB. Anybody know of a way to use my Mac (maybe iTunes?) to control my Sony changer? I've already ripped all my discs for my iPod, but I still like going to the source disc when I play it through the home system. Any thoughts?


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    I've got one of those. I ditched it when I bought my iMac as it needed a serial port connection to talk to the Changer and the client wasn't OS X compatible. I must have signed up for updates though as last month (about two-years later) they sent me an email about their client software being released for OS X.

    $390 all-in. That includes a USB-serial adaptor, the box of tricks that talks to your Changer (which costs about $250 on its own), OS X software and cables.

    If it is toast (or is going to cost a packet to repair I'd consider going for something like the Slim Devices Squeezebox at $300. It streams music from iTunes over Wi-Fi to your stereo.
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    Cheers! Title track looks like it is worth checking out!
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