2 Mac Victories in a week!

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Just had to share my good news:

1. Our design dept have been running an NT server for the last 5 years and it finally bit the dust a week ago after many blips and failures. Demanding something better, our design guys suggested an OSX Server at which the IT drones held their hands up in protest! Our MD knows nothing about computers but after seeing OSX he INSISTED they had the OSX server and DEMANDED that the IT drones learn to support it!!

2. Still staggering under the weight of actually having to learn something other than NT, one of our biggest customers asked us to take over the hosting of their web site, and run their web servers. Because we have a 4GB leased line this is not a problem, and ties us in to the customer. They've just delivered the hardware. Guess what it is? 4 shiny new OSX servers running Apache!!!



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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
    sadly I think your IT drones will deliberately screw the system at every chance they get, just to show that they really knew what they were talking about, and make your boss regret his decision
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Not all IT guys are jerks.

    The IT manager in the travel company I used to work is the best IT manager I have ever seen. He know EVERY platform and very neutral to all of them and never bitched. Plus....he's a good person

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