Airport problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an Airport Dual Ethernet Base Station and a PB 17" with Airport Extreme.

I have set the Base Station so that it assign an IP to the PowerBook using DHCP.

Often I wake the computer from sleep or start it up and I get a self assigned IP, yet the signal on the Menu Bar is full and the computer can see the network.

I cannot access the Base Station via the Airport Admin Utility. The only way to fix the problem is to manually reset the Base Station, once it boots it gives the PB a proper address and I can browse the internet again.

What bugs is me is why can the computer see the base station but not access it?

It's annoying to reset the Base Station so frequently.


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    Have you tried another channel?
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    Not sure, but I think it's some kind of bug.

    Same thing here. Only thing that always works is accessing the base station through a network cable.

    I hope they fix this with the next airport update.
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