Logitec Optical on wooden glossy desk

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I have my blue logitech wheel mouse that I tried to use with my ibook and my oak glossed desk, but the mouse appears all jaggedy and stutters all around. To fix this, I must use a non glossy surface like a mouspad or the top of a notebook.

For some reason, it works fine with a pro mouse.

Im confused.


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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    My Logitech cordless optical mouse works fine on my glossy wooden desk. I still use a mouse pad though, i don't like the feel of it on a wooden desk, even though it does still track smoothly.

    [edit] just how glossy is your desk?

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    Sounds weird to me too. Most of the time I use it on my blue jean pant leg and I have no problems. I love my loitech mouse, mines the red special edition one.
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    applegrazia...that is a beautiful mouse!.....my logitech dual works great on my ikea white wooden keyboard tray...but i still use a mouse pad as i don't like the sliding sounds of mouse on wood...just a quark of mine...g
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    My keyboard tray on my desk (wooden, I think particle board ) has a 6" x 6" spot that my Pro Mouse completely wore the finish off of. It's now this totally smooth area that is perfect for my Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical. It is the best (if not best looking) surface I've ever found for a mouse.

    I'll post a picture if you want to see what it looks like.

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    I've found my Logitech Mouseman Traveler to be less that reliable on wooden surfaces too. Sometimes the problem is the finish depending on how glossy it is but othertimes I have found that it tracks poorly on an untreated wooden surface because of the varying depths in the grain of the wood. So I think the situation for wooden surfaces is: too glossy is bad and unfinished with a heavy grain is also bad.

    My mousepad is actually a paper notepad that I use also to jot notes down to myself
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    mac+mac+ Posts: 580member
    I just bought my first external mouse for my TiBook and it's also the MouseMan Traveler.

    I hadn't read this thread, but when I bought the Mouse I also purchased a black mousepad/wrist gel surface. I'm glad that I did! It works perfectly on this surface - but after reading this thread I decided to try it on my glass desktop and it was no good at all.

    btw - I'm very happy with the size of this little rodent and the way it matches the PowerBook. Also, having two buttons and a scroll wheel is a nice bonus!
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    mac+mac+ Posts: 580member
    sheesh - almost a year between posts

    C'mon - that's go to be *bump* of the year!
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member

    Originally posted by Mac+

    sheesh - almost a year between posts

    C'mon - that's go to be *bump* of the year!

    According to my count, it's more like almost two years between posts.
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    mac+mac+ Posts: 580member

    Originally posted by der Kopf

    According to my count, it's more like almost two years between posts.

    Ummm - sorry about that... I read the post date before mine as 2-12-2002 (2nd December 2002). Obviously the wrong way around - I keep forgetting about the US date format.

    Anyway, almost 2 years!
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    sorry, gonna close this sucker. it's really, really old.

    feel free to start up another one if you like.
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