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Every day the icons on my Desktop and in my Folders FREAK OUT!!! For example the Movies folder can lose its icon to have it replaced by, say, the DVD Player icon; an IE URL link can take on an Internet Connect icon and a RealOne Player file can take on the Address Book icon. An icon remains wrong even when it is activated. Restarting the computer makes good all the icons but obviously this isn't an acceptable solution.

This has only started to happen in the last few days/week. And more regularly now. Only reasons that I can think caused the problem is that I installed some Icon Factory icons recently (but these icons have never been affected) and I went into Root, oh... a long time ago, when I was transferring my Home Folder to my new computer. I really can't think of ANYTHING else I could have done.

This is REALLY annoying. It makes everything untidy and unpredictable and SHOULDN'T HAPPEN.


Please Help if You Can

Sys: PB G4 1.25GHz 5400RPM OSX10.3.1



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    <insert tirade about GUI root being BAD BAD BAD>

    Nah, I don't think that's the root of your problems, actually. Have you tried the generic fixes in the Genius Bar FAQ? Specifically, give the Caches deleting trick a try.

    Also, how much memory do you have? I have seen bizarre icon behavior (randomly changing or appearing black or with lines in them) on Macs with low memory.
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    dgnldgnl Posts: 42member
    Dude, I had the same problem under 10.3, removing beta software and repairing permissions helped. Still, at least my computer actually worked under 10.3 & 10.3.1. But you can't say anything bad about 10.3.2 around here before people redit your topic and call you a troll.

    signed AI bad boy
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    Originally posted by Brad

    <insert tirade about GUI root being BAD BAD BAD>

    I knew that was coming.

    I will try emptying caches like you say. I did the MacDevCenter "Panther Maintenance Tips" but not the caches thing yet.

    And, come to think of it?I knew there was something I had forgotten?the Freaky Icon Behaviour(TM) often happened after using MPlayer (which eats CPU% and Memory).

    DGNL, I have a beta of VLC, I might delete that...

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