Apple needs iChat/iSight for windows

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Not much else to say... but this is the one thing keeping me from getting one. I know too many people who are no going to switch to mac anytime soon.

It was done with iTunes, why not iChat?


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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Because theoretically AIM Windows Video Chat should work with iChat right? However you might be right, I think if AOL doesn't address AIM Mac problems and AIM/iChat inter-compatibility than Apple should step in. In fact iChat could replace AIM entirely, wouldn't that be crazy! AOL officially supports iChat so hopefully the two companies will work it out. Hopefully AIM Mac will stop sucking ass too, for example add Talk and make it work with iChat, etc. AOL YOU SUCK!
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    me and my new iSight would be very happy if that happened...lots of silly windoze humans i could talk to back east...

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