HELP! water and keyboards don't mix

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I bought an emac last week(3months old-used) and my daughter spilled some water on the keyboard last night and didn't tell me until this morning. Not much but enough to ruin/corrode the shizen out of about 6 keys, all of them important ones.

After failing to clean enough of the the corrosion off twice , I realize that I either have to get a new keyboard or get the 3 plastic layered contact sheets replaced.

* Is replacing the parts feasible, as far as cost, and where could I get the parts ?

*or should I just get a new keyboard?

I know I could buy a cheapo at best buy, but I really have a thing for matching accessories, especially Apple parts. They are just so classy.

Any input would be appreciated.... Thank's, Randy


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    Is there any warranty on it? (Just tell 'em that you have no clue how it got that way ). If you like matching accessories, and there isn't a warranty, get a new apple keyboard, or get a matching 3rd party keyboard (hey! there might be no warranty to void!)
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    You could take it to a apple repair shop and see if they could replace the damaged parts. would be best to ask them if it's better to get the parts replaced, or just get a new keyboard.
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    Originally posted by psgamer0921

    Is there any warranty on it? (Just tell 'em that you have no clue how it got that way ). If you like matching accessories, and there isn't a warranty, get a new apple keyboard, or get a matching 3rd party keyboard (hey! there might be no warranty to void!)

    yes the computer has 9 months apple care left on it, but when they see the corrosion they will know that a liguid was spilled on it, and then I'll have to buy a new one anyway plus, plus I'll be out the shipping on it to send it in and ...blah blah blah.

    any apple store is 2+ hour drive from here. (fsck that)

    I am glad you find it funny...haha very funny mudda fudda
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    unplug the keyboard

    put it in the dishwasher (NO SOAP)

    let it dry

    should be fine
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    ok, this thread is getting rediculous.

    I said "any input would be appreciated" in my original post.

    I guess I should of said "any input that is not sarcastic, or asinine"

    sorry if you guys are serious, but I mean "WTF"

    Dishwasher? if a small amount of water did this much damage, I think a dishwasher would totally fsck it up. No thanks. I'm just going to get a new apple KB. I only paid $375 for this almost new emac.

    I guess another $50 wont kill me.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    I was being serious...

    the electronics in the USB keyboards are NOT harmed by water...


    keyboard disassembly

    they say it doesn't work, but they probably didn't let it dry long enough...

    has a good reasoned response on the subject:



    Cleaning plastic parts in the dishwasher would definitely work - all of the keytops in a plastic mesh orange bag, or something, and the halves of the main casing just sitting with them in the top basket. Just a little detergent, no super-pre-heat, no dry-out cycle at the end (it'll warp the plastic), no worries. You can wash keytops in the washing machine, in similar fashion; apparently tying them up in an old sock works well.

    Washing a whole keyboard, however, I'm less sure about. It depends on the design of the 'board, but most keyboards contain plenty of crevices where water could linger for a long time. You'd want to leave the 'board to dry in the sun for rather a while, I think. Yes, plenty of people on newsgroups report that washing a whole 'board that way worked for them, but you can find people on newsgroups who believe all sorts of things.

    If you've got a keyboard that's so filthy that it either has to be cleaned or thrown away, and you've no desire to have at it with cotton swabs and monitor wipes and so on, then by all means fling the whole thing in the dishwasher. What the heck. I wouldn't try it on a keyboard that was worth something, though.

    so if you are going to replace it anyway... you may as well try it... just MAKE SURE you DRY IT THOROUGHLY...

    another good one:
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    Originally posted by Paul

    I was being serious...


    He is right, dishwasher should do the trick. And even if it doesn't work your out one keyboard either way. No harm in trying.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    I wouldn't really think water should do too much damage...although I guess maybe if it sits there and soaks in enough to short the keyboard. Copper won't get rusty that quickly will it?

    Calm down it's only a couple $ to replace with an apple keyboard...and now you can get a bluetooth one At least it wasn't spilled on the computer.
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    i've ruined many a computer with spillage, usually sugar water ("pepsi"). don't have a dishwasher (unless the old lady counts), but i tried showering the keyboards i've destroyed. it didn't work. its kind of pricey, but i find its a lot easier to just buy a new one... and scald the child for her lack of discipline.
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    it was water that was originally spilled on the keyboard and I took it apart and seen that the contacts on the plastic layers were really corroded where the water had penetrated (hehe, i said penetrated).

    The contacts are not copper, they are some type of steel/metal but definately not copper.

    anyways I tried cleaning the contacts and was successful on a few that weren't badly corroded, but the a,s,z,x,c,shift,control,option,command, space were oxidized bad. They would not function, the "a,s" would if you beat the shizen out of them but thats it.

    I am just getting a new one,no biggie, I'll spend some of wifes Christmas money on it Then maybe she'll keep a better watch on those kids of ours! I mean after all what are wifes for anyway?

    Merry Christmas, Randy
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