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I've been waiting patiently, wading through all the rumors re G4 updates and G5 announcements, but lets cut to the chase. If you had about $4,000 (give or take a grand), how would you spend it? I currently have a Pentium III, 500mhz, with photoshop 5.5, nikon ls2000 slide scanner and hp 1100 photoprinter. I would like to switch back to the Mac platform, but to do so, I would have to sell my scanner, buy a new scanner, etc.., I mainly use the computer for creative writing, and photo editing and organizing, but would like to dabble in dvd authoring. Should I buy a G4 powerbook, G4 tower, used G4 Cube? new imac?

I know I need plenty of ram and hd space, but what should I do about the wide variety of computer models available and all the rumors about an eventual G5 release? I could stick with my current system for another six months to a year, but really want a shiny new Mac. Haven't owned one since my old Quadra 840av. Help!

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    If you want to dabble in DVD authoring you'll likely want a PMac tower or the high end iMac.

    You could get a high end iMac and a combo drive iBook for $4000. Two Macs! Can't beat that.

    However, I don't think you'll need to replace your scanner if you get a PowerMac w/SCSI card. Nikon uses a Twain plug-in to run the Scanner. No SCSI on the iMacs.

    Wouldn't be bad to get a Firewire scanner though.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Shouldn't need a different scanner. We ordered a SCSI card in our recent PowerMac to keep using our scanners and there are adapters available that convert SCSI to USB or FireWire so you can use it on any mac.

    Our PowerMac should have been delivered today. I won't be into our office to set it up until Friday but it should be a great system.
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    I remember reading on their website that Nikon would not support the ls2000 scanner with osX. Assuming I got a G4 tower with scsi, does that mean I would have to run the Mac in os9 to perform a scan and then switch to osX to work in photoshop. That would be ridiculous.
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