Turning off Feedback Sounds in Mac OS 9.2.2

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Hello everyone....

I did a clean install of Mac OS 9.2.2 onto a G4 /450 (AGP Graphics) yesterday.

Ever since the mac has been making 'sounds' whenever i do things.

For example:

1. opening an application makes the 'whit' sound as it loads.

2. inserting a CD makes the 'ping' sound when it mounts on the desktop

3. ejecting a cd makes the 'buzz' (chainsaw) noise.

and so on and so on...

I think they might be some kind of 'feedback' sounds for blind people to know that certain tasks are taking place. But it is not something i have enabled or activated. There are no 3rd party apps running. It is just a clean install over a formatted HD.

I have also discovered that another mac in the building has the same problem (in this case, one of two identical purple iMac DVs - both running Mac OS 9.2.2 and the same apps) I think someone has found a control panel or app and turned these noises on. But for the life of me i can't find it myself!!

These noises are driving me crazy, so if anyone could shed some light on turn them off....i'd be extremely happy.



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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    That option is in the Appearance control panel under tab "sound". Turn Platinum sounds to none.
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    Originally posted by Ebby

    That option is in the Appearance control panel under tab "sound". Turn Platinum sounds to none.

    hi Ebby

    thats what i thought it was.

    But these sounds seem to be independant of the platnium sounds.

    It makes specifically different sounds for each event. crazy ole 9.2.2.....

    anyone else got any thoughts?

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    The fact that it's using alert sounds instead of Platinum sounds makes me think it might have something to do with Speakable Items. Speakable Items makes the "whit" sound as a confirmation of a command... maybe try trashing Speakable Items (it's pretty much useless anyway...).
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