CHUD Nap Reset Question

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Saw an article about setting the Nap preference on for Dual G4 to let them run cooler (and less fan activity) by checking the box in Hardware system pref.

Now I find it unchecked after a restart. Anyone know how to make this survive rebooting?


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    I've read that toggling this option for extended periods can be very BAD to your system.

    There's probably good reason why Apple hides this option from the average user.
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    It does make the Dual G4 run cooler. But it has also resulted in 2 hard system freezes in about 5 hours. I think you are right. Back to the high temps and noisy fans. Thanks.
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    I don't see any differences between enabling the Nap and disabling it.

    PowerPC G4 7455 v3.2 here DP 1.25 FW800. Anyway, I replaced the stock old Delta fan to Panasonic Panaflo L1A tho.
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    mcsjgsmcsjgs Posts: 244member
    There is a report/discussion about it here:

    About half the people reporting said they had hard freezes. The other half said no problems.
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