Accidently ejected OS 9 hard disk icon from desktop

in macOS edited January 2014
My son deleted the OS 9 harddrive from his desktop so I re-installed OS 9 on the other partition. After install, I checked in his account and found all the files in the trash. I dragged most of the apps to the new system folder.

After I was all done, I changed permissions so that he had no access to the OS 9 drive. I then checked it out to make sure it would give me an error code when I dragged it to the trash. Well, it ejected into thin air and I can't get all the files back. Anybody know how to undue a bone-headed move like this?

Thanks in advance to all who answer.


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    sc_marktsc_markt Posts: 1,401member
    Ok, I figured it out. I guess this thread can be locked.

    For anybody who is interested, if you accidently eject an icon of a partition from your desktop, you can re-mount it via the disk utility program in utilities.
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    It should also automatically remount if you reboot the computer.

    Per your request, here is your lock.
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