What did YOU get for Christmas?

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Or what do you think you're getting?


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Could a mod please change that to "What did YOU get for the holidays?"

    I really try to be religiously accepting.
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,454member
    Well I finally talked myself into a big screen TV. I took the cheap route with it because it is a) my first one and b) I won't buy into all the HDTV stuff until they get their heads out of their butts.

    It is a Magnavox 55 inch EDTV. ED means it can do DVD resolution but not HD resolution. I picked it up for $800. I figure by the time the HDTV tuners are built in, there is enough programming and broadcasting, etc. Plasma or LCD screens will be down to $1000.

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Placebo I wouldn't worry about changing the word Christmas. It has very little religious meaning in most circles anymore and is strictly a commercial entity. Sad but true. All sorts of non-Christians and non-religious folk celebrate Christmas every year, and will tell you so. If someone is offended by your use of the word, I'd tell them -- with a cheery holiday smile of course -- to cram it.

    As for what I think I'm getting, I only had a few interesting items in my Amazon wish list, but didn't send the link to anyone this year as most of our family will be apart for the holiday. I suspect therefore, the answer will be a DVD or two and some clothes. No big deal. I got myself a G5 a month ago so that's good enough!

    I find myself less and less motivated each year to go find "something clever" for everyone. My nieces and nephews are getting past the toy stage for the most part and my siblings and parents are (like most Americans) truly in need of nothing. So I tend to get a funny card and a $20 or $30 Amazon (sometimes Target) gift certificate for everyone, and then get the more thoughtful gift for the little woman.
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    Hey, you know, some people won't get presents until 3 Kings Day, or Orthodox Xmas!

    Anyway, so far, I've gotten a bottle of Champagne. More to come, seeing as it's not Xmas until tomorrow.

    As Moogs said, Christmas shopping for adults here is tough. Gifts are either too small and impersonal, or too big to afford (which is why the person doesn't already have it). We're starting to have each other help with ideas and chip in on bigger gifts, but even then, a lot of us are privledged enough that we don't really need anything.
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    thus far i've gotten: a 25 gift certificate (to giftcertificates.com or somethign like that), and some Scottish scotch. i suspect tonight i'll get a movie, or a cd, or possibly a book that i won't like (my Dad's side of the family doesn't know me too well to get me presents). tomorrow (Mom's side of the family + immediate family party), i'll get atleast 1 dvd, some clothes (probably jeans), and possibly (if i'm lucky) a car. the mother would be glad to give me the car, she says, but she's worried i can't afford to keep it with insurance and all.
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    I got Lily

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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member
    I think santa's bringing an xbox and max payne 2. Too bad the x2vga is out of stock since I need it to look good on my projector. Composite signals tend to look really fuzzy when bumped up to 9'. Anyway, I have a big, flat TV to play it on until I get that thing. I know my folks are going to give me some lip about getting a 'kids toy when you should be having kids.' Whatever. I'm waiting until I'm done with graduate school. It's not like they didn't wait until their 30s to make me.

    We're also getting a microwave from my folks. I've been fighting it for years and years, but I've finally caved. I hate food from the microwave, but for some things it just can't be beat, like popcorn and nacho cheese.

    I got the girl this sharp swiss army watch she picked out. It's no biggie, just a few hundred bucks, but she likes it and now that I have it here I have to agree that it's pretty damn cool. I don't even know what we got the in-laws. That's not really my department.

    The cat got a bunch of presents. Catnip bubbles or something, too. Who knew stuff like that existed?

    Anyway, there's about 6 wrapped presents sitting under this tree for me that I have no idea what they are. They aren't making any noise when I shake them, either. One is obviously clothing of some sort, but the rest: ?.
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    I just started a new job and my boss gave everyone in his department a gift certificate.

    Now those of you who read the Animal Cruelty or Mad Cow thread are gonna laugh at this.....the gift certificate is to....OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!

    I guess I'll just give it to one of my meat eating friends or something.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    So far I've gotten a very heartfelt gift from my brother: a USB 2.0 PCI card. He bought it on eBay, SHOWED me his transaction history (which of course had the USB card on it), and then when it arrived in the mail, I opened it instead of him. That's just how things work around here. My present to him was the album "D" by Die Prinzen (a German pop band). Of course I just gave it to him unwrapped, the next time I saw him.

    Last year it was even better. He took me to CompUSA and asked me to pick out a present. I chose Fallout 2, brought it to the cash register, paid with my debit card, and then he handed me the $30 it cost. Real special Christmas we always have.

    EDIT: w00t! 3000 posts AGAIN.
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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member

    Originally posted by SCARECROW


    I got this:


    That's hot. I always wanted one of those.
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    giant, man, you need to see this thing go.. its so bitchin... I will try and post some shots of it in action.. (I also got a Canon Digital Rebel for xmas, but got it early so I can photograph christmas)

    Its actually pretty fast, and rips through my front yard, pretty good. LOL

    Got to make some jumps for it, out back though.. then the fun begins!
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    Um, 5 quarts of Castrol GTX, a new air filter, and a case of beer.
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    so far the only thing i've opened is the Far Side collective works thing. most amazing collection of his works ever. i love it.
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    My twin brother and I bought the Alien Quadrilogy 9-DVD Boxed Set together.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    i got a cold .. woke up with a christmas flu.
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    My parents got my girlfriend and I a trip to Vancouver including a swanky hotel room. Completely unexpected. They said they had given up hope of us ever getting married but still thought we deserved a honeymoon. Very nice of them I must say.
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    Even though its not Christmas till tomorrow, I know some of what I'm getting, at least from my parents(its good to know their email passwords).

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    I've got a 40 GB iPod waiting under the tree . Hurrah! Apart from that, I've got no idea what else is waiting under the tree.

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