Wireless headache

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I picked up a D-Link DI-514 wireless router today, for use in my folks' home. I've set up two DI-614's at my own home, with no hassles whatsoever. But I can't get my iBook (10.2.8) to work with the DI-514, and I feel like a complete idiot. So please help!

The wired network works fine. The iBook can see the wireless network, and even gets an IP address ( from the router. But it has no network access. I can't even access the router ( from Safari, much less surf the web. I'm stumped. It's obviously joined the wireless network, but the wireless network doesn't work. I tried rebooting the iBook and resetting the cable modem and router. Any suggestions?

Edit: The router's log clearly shows the iBook as connected to the network. However, there's a whole lot of the following error message: "dhcpc_input: pLeaseId NULL".
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