Trying To set up a wireless network...

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We have 2 802.11g capable macs in the house, plus 3 computers that would connect with Cat5.

We have 1 netgear switch/router that has served us great

and 1 netgear hub for LAN distribution in a room with 2 computers

We just got a wireless netgear router, and now things are not going so well.

I'm currently plugged in to the network directly, LAN lines are working fine, but the wireless are not.

I just remembered that 2.4 ghz wireless phones cause havoc to wireless networks(802.11b and g) and that could be the problem, we have like 4 wireless phones throughout the house!

are we really going to have to buy new phones(5.5 ghz frequency)?

that's a pain!, are there any routers or bridges that work around this 2.4 ghz short coming?

any ideas?

We were able to get the iBook online a second ago, but it was right next to the wireless router at the time, as soon as it moved to the next room(where my alubook was failing to connect) it sputtered out.

this is really disappointing if the phones are all going to have to go, we really depend on having a lot of cordless phones, because there are so many people in the house...


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    When you turn the phone off does it work?
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    I thought the wireless stations can go from 2.4-2.9 ghz... technically the router should have switched frequencies if it felt too much interference.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by Ichiban_jay

    I thought the wireless stations can go from 2.4-2.9 ghz... technically the router should have switched frequencies if it felt too much interference.

    No, it's 14 overlapping channels between 2.4 and 2.5 GHz...It's the FCC's junk band, pretty much entirely unregulated.
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    Try Scott's suggestion and see if that works. If not, I want to say that you might have a bad router or interference coming from somewhere else. Any microwaving goin on? Eliminate any interference that might be happening and try again.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    my phone would ring we'd answer and the signal from my pc dell wireless card would drop, not my iMac with airport stnd. The airport card and setup is more resistant to 2.4 interference, the dell card was just yuck anyway, so i got a new 900mhz phone, now the dell works great. I thought of getting another card for my dell pc but hey since iMac worked great, thought it was something inherent with pc cards, anyway non 2.4 phone did the trick
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    Administer your netgear using one of the PCs connected via CAT5. Check your settings, make sure random computers are allowed to connect wirelessly.

    Then make sure you have tried to connect wirelessly to your netgear's network. The easiest way is via the airport menubar, on the top right side of the screen. Click it and select your networks name.

    I have a feeling you have not properly set up your new netgear, or the wireless computers. I doubt it is the hardware.
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    Got the Linksys router today, I'm now sitting on the couch enjoying wireless internet
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    what happened there? I thought you had a netgear wireless router? I thought netgear was a good brand. Not to mention it matches the mac look And doesn't the netgear have a 500 ft radius? more then most wireless routers?
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    traded in the netgear for a linksys, all my buds use linksys wireless, now it works great, good coverage for most of the house, a little spotty in some areas, but we still haven't decided where they best place to put it is, either way, even at one click(what I'm getting now) I still browse the net very quickly, so it's all good.
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