iMac 17inch: Bluetooth not working?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

Mom's iMac 17inch with 10.2.8 and all updates doesnt want to play.

It has builtin Bluetooth (bought that way), but she neevr used it. I have a ew Bluetooth enabled phone and wanted transfer some files to it.

Latest 1.3.3 Bluetooth is installed, etc.

It doesnt find ANY bluetooth enabled devices. System Profiler sees the internal bluetooth device.

Two bluetooth phones here see eachother. So it aint the phones. Neither phone sees the iMac. I've used both phones on other Macs btw.

I have a Bluetooth dongle (USB) and I stuk it in, and it works. I restarted, and the new Bluettoth dongle gets priority and I see the phones, etc etc. works normally.

I removed the device, the internal adapter is ignored. Restarted, and nada, same as before.

Anyone have any suggestions as to know what the hell is wrong? Troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance...

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