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OK, I've heard about the logic board fault on some of the old 2 USB port iBooks. My iBook was making an irritating ticking noise a few months back (I posted about it here). It also unexpectedly died while I was surfing the web one day. I don't have OS 9 installed, so had to use the Disk Utility on the OS X install disc to repair the drive. It only found the hard drive after about half an hour. Applecare collected in September and replaced the processor (I believe that that is what the job sheet said - being a novice, I assume that this is much like replacing the logic board?) Anyway, the other week my iBook mysteriously died again - by which I mean the screen suddenly greyed and brought up a message saying that I needed to restart my system. The system starts, the Apple logo appears and then nothing. I spoke to Apple tech support and they thought the hard drive was corrupted or faulty. Again I had to use Disk Utility, it could not find the hard drive and then after about 30 - 45mins, during which time I could not click on anything, it found it again. I can't believe that this is just a software problem. I did a clean install after last time. The machine only has Office X installed on it, besides the software it came with, and it is not used for anything intensive.

What do you think is wrong? As an Applecare customer and given that if it is taken away for repair it will be the third time in as many months, can I ask for a replacement?


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    You can ask for a replacement, I would. I don't know if you'll get it. Sounds like your having some major hardware problems there. And the grey "you need to restart your computer" screen isn't your computer dying, it's called a Kernal panic. No fun. That means that you had a major software problem that the system needed to restart to be able to fix, or worse yet, have a major hardware problem. I'm gonna guess that it's hardware due to the fact that you are unable to find your hard drive. Go ahead and ask for the replacement. Good luck. If you can't get one, I hope you had your data backed up! If you do, do a clean install of your OS and see if that doesn't fix your hardware problem. It sounds to me like this is more of a HD issue than a logic board since you already had that replaced. I could be wrong though.
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    im just thinking out loud... but could the soldered ram be a problem? I mean if that ram is faulty... what do they do?
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