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Basically what I am looking for here is just the database part of iTunes for DVDs... I want a customizable, searchable, automated (ala imdb like cddb), and intuitive database that will allow me to insert my DVD, hit "add" and have that entry added to the list... is there anything like this out there?

could this be the next iApp?

Who would like an application like this?

Maybe a tie-in with netflix fanatic... have a personal review for each movie... a section for DVD bonus features... this really has some legs...

post feedback/suggestions please...

note... this doesn't actually have to RIP the dvd (although that would be nice too ) just the information about it in an easy to use/organize/modify/search database...


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    I can give you a list of existing one's, but they do not have all these features you want.

    DVD Manager

    DVD Shelf

    DVD Rack

    DVD Cache


    Some are shareware, some are freeware.

    The shareware DVD Cache is very close to what you'd like to see, at least parts of it, but is still in beta.

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    There's also DiskCatalog (http://www.haxial.com), does automatic cataloging on CD/DVD and puts everything in a very fast database.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    Thats what is missing!

    A DVD player...

    Thats how iTunes started... it really was just a way to PLAY mp3s...

    DVD Player is where development for this app should start...

    it just recently got overhauled in Panther... anyone notice any iTunes-like database files in there?
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