I can see mouse cursor, but nothing else?!

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Twice now, after waking from sleep, I've been prompted to login (as normal per my settings). Well, what happens next is odd. I successfully unlock the system and my screen is black. Black like it's not on, but it actually is since the mouse cursor is shown on the screen, and I can move the mouse and cursor moves, but the whole damn screen is black!

If I drag my mouse to the my screen-saver hot-corner, my screen-saver will kick in and it works, but then I move my mouse (or hit a key), I get prompted to login (to unlock) and then I have the damn black screen.

I've had to switch-user (yes, if I do this, the other user works fine), and then choose a system restart, which kills any unsaved work I had

Granted, I typically always save before letting my PB go to sleep, but once in a while I forget.

My specs:

PB 17" 1 GHz


Latest version of Panther


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    If I unplug some of my USB devices while my PB is asleep (my scanner is worst for it) the PB wakes up.

    If I then open the lid the screen is black. I can hear iChat sign in, so things are running in the background. I just shut the lid, leave it for a few seconds and then open it again, and everything is normal.
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    I'm aware of that issue, but in my case putting my PB back to sleep and waking it up doesn't solve anything. Further, I've experienced the issue you are talking about, and when that happens, the whole screen is black, nothing is shown. However, in my case OS X is drawing the cursor on the screen, which is differnent than the issue you describe.
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