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Topic: HOWTO: Slow 10.3.2 startup fix

Original Message ( Posted Dec 26, 03 9:43 pm )

Joachim Buechse

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To reiterate the fix:

Open a terminal and type the following command all on one line:

sudo cp /System/Library/Extensions/BootCache.kext/Contents/Resources/BootCacheControl /usr/sbin

Reboot twice. Startup performance should be back to normal.

credit to whom it belongs: the solution from AppleSupport was originaly posted by steven minnick in this thread. this arcticle is just a copy with technical explanation.

Why does it work?

BootCacheControl is called during the startup process to create a cache of files needed to boot (up to the point were the login window is displayed).

In the 10.3.2 version the executable is called from the /etc/rc script twice:

- BootCacheControl

- BootCacheControl tag

both times its called using a shell variable set in /etc/rc which points to /System/Library/Extensions/BootCache.kext/Contents/Resources/BootCacheControl (and if this would not exist it would point to /usr/sbin/BootCacheControl.)

But there is another important call of the executable from the loginwindow process later:

- /usr/sbin/BootCacheControl autostop 15

Unfortunately the file /usr/sbin/BootCacheControl does not exist on a(ll) updated 10.3.2 system. Thecopy command above takes care of that problem.



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RE: HOWTO: Slow 10.3.2 startup fix

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Alan Somers

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Thanks for that. It works like a charm. One suggestion: add "-p" between "cp" and "/System..." to preserve permissions during the copy.

Anyway, I noticed people were posting times in the other thread, but I'll post mine here:

Before copy: 1 minute, 26 seconds from appearance of the gray Apple logo to appearance of desktop background.

First reboot after copy: 1 minute, 10 seconds to the same point.

Second reboot after copy: 31 seconds to the same point.

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Worked like a charm for me.

Edited: there is a further discussion and possibly safer command as well as an undo command here:

Different Apple Discussion Thread

Edited to replace two underscore characters with spaces.


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    mcsjgsmcsjgs Posts: 244member
    It turns out that all might not be roses with the fix. There is another discussion thread with a possibly safer command and an undo command for the first post here:

    Apple Discussion Thread 2

    The problem seems to be that the additional file generated by the first fix might conflict with future OS X updates. Hence the remove command. You'll have to read the thread fully to get the back and forth.


    Here is a summary of the commands (no line breaks):

    1. Command creates extra file, speeds up boot times, but might screw up future updates:

    sudo cp -p /System/Library/Extensions/BootCache.kext/Contents/Resources/BootCacheControl /usr/sbin

    2. Remove this command before installing any future OS X updates:

    sudo rm /usr/sbin/BootCacheControl

    3. Possibly safer command (but apparently not recommended by Apple Technical Support), uses link instead of copy:

    sudo ln -s /System/Library/Extensions/BootCache.kext/Contents/Resources/BootCacheControl /usr/sbin

    Edited to change two underscore characters with spaces.

    Edited2: Be careful of copy paste operations with these commands. There may be some invisible control characters in the commands. They don't show up in 3 text processors I use, but show up in browsers sometimes. Best to copy by hand.
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    Will this work on 10.3.5? After installing it, it starts up VERY slow. I even did a defrag on it in hopes that would help it- nothing improved. Ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Originally posted by tommy_thompson

    Will this work on 10.3.5? After installing it, it starts up VERY slow. I even did a defrag on it in hopes that would help it- nothing improved. Ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    It was my understanding that this particular problem was fixed in 10.3.3, but you can try the tip and see what happens.
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