How do You Kill Text in the Finder Window?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Is it possible to TURN OFF text INSIDE the Finder window? I don't mean turn off text in the finder Toolbar; I mean turn off text for actual icons: for Desktop, Documents and Music etc INSIDE the window. I know what my icons mean, I don't need ANY text ANYWHERE in my finder window to tell me.

Thanks for the Help

SoS (from Dial-Up Hell)


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    You can turn off the text in the sidebar by dragging the slider over until you can't see the names anymore. Then you get little pop-up flags with the folder/drive names.
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    Thought ppl wouldn't get me. Thanks Dale for the reply but I meant how do you turn off text that appears under each folder/file icon INSIDE the Finder Window. I don't mean the sidebar/toolbar.

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