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I have had my powerbook since Tuesday. I have never had one before. Can anyone tell me if there is supposed to be some give on what I think is the panel that covers the battery? Also, is it better to get a mouse than to use the trackpad? Any advice would be appreciated. My cursor was drifting and activating without my clicking and I was told that would stop if I got a mouse. Thanks everyone in advance.


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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    On my 12"PB there is no "give" with my battery.

    It's very solidly locked in place.

    Regarding the trackpad - use whatever's most comfortable for you.

    I use a trackball at home, but usually just use the trackpad when I'm at work.

    If your cursor is drifting when you use the trackpad, try enabling Ignore accidental trackpad input in the System Preferences

    (System Preferences--> Keyboard & Mouse--> Trackpad, then click the box).
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    12" PB? You mean, iBook right? Isn't the smallest PB 15"?
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member

    12"PB is teh 0wn!

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    Damn, I feel stupid. I forgot there was one smaller than 15
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    I noticed that I had failed to mention that I got a 15" powerbook. This is my first and I am nervous. I am worrying about the tracking and the give in the battery cover.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Both the battery and Airport Extreme Card covers are solid on mine. The battery will "shift" a little, but otherwise both are good.

    I personally like to use a mouse whenever I have my laptop on a table or desk somewhere. I work more efficiently that way. If I have the PB on my lap or somewhere else where a mouse wouldn't work so well, I just go with a trackpad. Either way, you should "train" on the trackpad so you can be come fairly proficient at it. You'll never know when you won't have a mouse.
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    mine are solidly in place, you might want to go back to the store and ask for another one...
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    Originally posted by psgamer0921

    Damn, I feel stupid. I forgot there was one smaller than 15

    Thats why you need to get a Mac and become hopelessly obsessed with all aspects of Mac just as everyone else here is. Come on! Everyone's doin it!
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