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I was just pricing a Powerbook that I want for college, using an educational rebate. On the first page (after I picked a 12" PB w/ SD), I said I wanted an Airport Extreme card from the drop down list. When I went to the next page (that has printers, cameras, software, etc.), it asked if I wanted an APE card. I clicked yes, and this is what I got at the confirmation screen

Any ideas?


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    damn you love taking screenshots...

    you only need one APE card... if you want it to be already installed get it from the pulldown menu

    if you dont mind installing it yourself get it from the checkbox on the next page.

    unless you are getting something else BTOed I wouldn't recommend getting the APE card installed... it will just add to the time you will have to wait for your PB... when are you planning on getting the computer?

    I would recommend AGAINST buying office as there will probably be a new version released at MWSF04... and also it is pretty easy to pirate

    also remember that EVERYTHING you buy at the apple store is subject to sales tax... so if you are getting something that doesn't have a substantial edu discount you might want to look into a tax free venu to get it (mail order, other internet stores like macmall or something similar...)

    that usually is a good idea for things like cases and 3rd party software... you also might want to look for places that have free shipping...

    if you live in an area with no tax... you lucky dog... spend away!
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    Yup, I love my 'Print Screen' key!

    Anyways, thanks. It really cleared that up

    (I've got a few years until college, so I won't be buying MSO for a little while )
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