Other high quality webcams

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Like the iSight... preferably firewire.

what are some other cameras? are there any cheaper than the iSight with the same quality?

any other camera/mics?

I just got an iSight and it's kindled an interest with some friends, PC-users that don't want to spend $149 on a camera, so what's up?

(I know iChat isn't currently cross platform, but that new AIM beta looks promising, and apple and AOL have been very buddy-buddy lately, so I'd bet it won't be long before iChat AV will work with AIM for AV stuff)


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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I have the iBot and trying to focus that thing is a pain in the ass. Makes me drool for the iSight.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    the only other firewire ones i know of are the iFire, the PYRO stealth, the iBot and the iRez Kritter DV.

    all but the iRez have reviews in the latest macworld. i don't trust irez anymore. they were the first to release usb webcams with any style, but they were expensive, and their rev a. models seem to be practically impossible to get working under os x (well, that's not totally true, as the guys at IOExperts finally released drivers, but i think they could release drivers that could trick a loaf of bread to get 24 fps, they're just that damn good).

    they've now seemingly really screwed with their business model... you can kinda buy from them, but it seems they're angling towards more of a windows video-conferencing market nowadays.

    i am wondering if logitech will ever bring the quickcam back to the mac. for us old-schoolers, you'll recall that the quickcams were originally from connectix, and they were THE de facto cool webcam, and they always released a mac serial version alongside the windows versions. then connectix sold the quickcam division to logitech, and logitech flat out said "we are dropping mac support beyond the currently shipping models... sorry." since then, they've released eight-thousand more quickcams for windows, but nary a driver for mac in sight. sigh.

    edit: whoa. i just checked logitech for the hell of it, and lo and behold, they have DRIVERS for their usb webcams (well, the zoom and orbit versions). surprised that didn't get more press.
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