Minidisc Recorder/Player. Advice?

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Hey guys. (Looks like I start most of my posts like this. Oh well.) Anyways, I am wanting to find a good minidisc player/recorder. Looking at stuff on the web, information is all, well, weird. I am seeing that most are taking out the standard line in jack. I need to find one that has both that and optical in AND out. I have been looking at one of the recent units by sharp on, but because it is an import it is pretty busy. But it has a preamp for the mic in. Sorry for all the random questions/information in this post, but what I am trying to find are some more clear answers on what would work well. I want to record both ambient sounds with it (using a mic which I will research later) but to also record from sound boards when I play places and stuff. It goes without saying that I would like it to have at least decent battery life. If the iPod had line in capabilities, I would simply go with that. But seeing as it does not, I think a minidisc player/recorder would be the best shot. (Espcially considering that I don't have a ton of money.) So any advice/reviews/sites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    maybe get a combo with a portable that can do simple line in rec with a "deck" that can hook up to your audio system that has more inputs... thats what I would look for...
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    One of my considerations here is that I have college next year. I am sort of wanting an all-in-one type thing. If I had the space that would be great I guess, but I really am wanting it to be the "all in one" type thing.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    I used a mini-disc setup for several years and I was really really happy with it. It was only the iPod that got me to change my ways. Since the iPod, I'm no longer in touch with the scene. But when I was using them though, I did a lot of business through MiniDisco. They had a good supply of US and Japanese technology. If you haven't checked them out give them a look.

    I have a car minidisc deck for sale if you're interested.
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    I may be interested. Just maybe. Shoot me an email with the details. (It's just jeremiah at Been checking out Minidisco, and they look great. One reason I woud like to find a site with more details on this stuff is that it would be nice to find an older used unit and save some money that way or something.
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    When I was mad for minidisc (i.e. before the iPod) I used to use for all my info. The hardware listings used to be hardcore info-porn.

    They also do (did?) newsflashes when someone finds a bargain.

    Well worth checking out.
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