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Got back yesterday from one of my Christmas presents. My wife had bought tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld in Vegas.

I can't show you any pics even though we were only in the 13th row from the stage. They didn't allow any cameras and were very strict and thorough about finding them.

The show lasted about 90 minutes and included an opener. I don't recall the gentleman's name who opened, but I do recall he was recently on Comedy Central and has a series on, I think it was ABC this coming fall.

He had to fill about 20 minutes worth of material, it was blisteringly funny. He walked a really nice balance about Americans being powerful/fat/arrogant but we have all the toys/food/etc. It was laughing with and at yourself in a good way. He did bits about letting yourself go once married, etc. Really funny stuff.

Next Jerry came out and had to fill a full hour. He was pretty funny, but his act had some material I had heard from him before including stuff I thought he said he had retired in his last round of clubs. He was very uneven with his jokes. His funniest bits were actually off the cuff remarks relating to the whole round of junk people still want him to do related to the Seinfeld show. He tried relating his jokes around the question "What the hell is going on?" but I thought he should hammer away at his old show a bit because when he did, it was the funniest.

The show bits actually were because a few people would shout things, like "Jerry, when is Seinfeld coming out on DVD?"

Jerry: Well, I'll get to that right after I leave this stage here. I mean I think the 9 times it is on a day might hold you steady until they are done right?" (or something similar)

Comedy is always best when served a bit bitter, and Jerry is funniest when he is a little pissed that people still want MORE Seinfeld when it is always on SOME channel at SOME time of the day.

As for Vegas, well not really my scene. I don't really gamble at all and didn't this time either. (Not even a nickle in a slot.) I really don't understand the enjoyment people get out of gambling. I've studied blackjack a bit and can beat the house in small stretches but that is about it. People seem to love the slots and video poker the most and I get those the least of all. That and thanks to California's anti-smoking laws, I am a total cigarette nazi and can't even stand the smallest smell from one of them. That doesn't stand well in Vegas where 2 packs, 2 sheets to the wind and $500 down seems to be the definition of "fun" for most.

We went to the Apple Store in Vegas to buy a digital camera since my wife really wanted to take some pictures. We hadn't brought any camera and even then our last digital camera had just given up the ghost. We had to "impulse" buy a camera which is very hard to me, Mr. "Find the Lowest Price" type of guy. We bought a Nikon 3100 and paid the retail $299 for it, but the wife was happy. It became her advanced anniversary present. (Celebrating 9 years in March.)

The Vegas Apple Store was smaller than most I had seen. I've been to three of them now and it is a little weird to see how the manage to give them all the same atmosphere.

Anyway the size of Vegas is amazing to see even if I don't do the activity that makes all those buildings and buffets possible.



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    I love Vegas. And I don't gamble! I too never understood the compulsive need to throw money away. I know a lot of people who like "the high" they get when they gamble precisely because of the money issue.

    See, every time I would throw down a bet, all I can think about is how many hours I had to work to earn it. I sort've apply that rule to pretty much everything I purchase (with the exception of food and groceries).

    But, there's something about Vegas that absolutely love. I love the faux architecture, I love the ambition of the mega casinos, and I love the shows (Mystere and O). But, I can only take about two to three days of Vegas before it's time to go.

    About seven or eight years ago I had the opportunity to see George Carlin on stage at The Sands (now the Venetian). Carlin has always been my favorite comedian. But, that night, he seemed a little off. Like he was trying out a new routine. Then I thought that perhaps his HBO specials have made me accustomed to the tight, quickness of the edited routine. Then I came to the realization that the HBO shows are the "result" of his road show. But, I came away a little disappointed nonetheless.
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    Originally posted by Northgate

    I know a lot of people who like "the high" they get when they gamble precisely because of the money issue.

    some people also enjoy "the high" they get in vegas when they use insane amounts of ether, coke, acid and mescaline (/me thinks on F&LiLV).

    i haven't seen or heard seinfeld in a long time (well, aside from the reruns, which i watch regularly). i got his "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" album, but haven't heard him since. he was always funny. i think it'd be cool if he did an ep or two on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.
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