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Hi, I have an urgent question.

so here's the thing.

about a month ago I bid on something on ebay but I lost. then I emailed the seller and he said he had more and would sell it to me for the same price as the winning bid was, which was 10 dollars.

so he notified me a few days ago that he posted the thing on ebay again and told me to just bid and pay him 10 dollars. I realised he might be scamming me because the final price would probably be less than 10 dollars so I bid and waited.

the auction is almost over now, about 30 minutes left and it's at about 5 dollars and it'll probably end at that price too.

My question is, if I pay him the final price which will probably be 5 dollars, will he refuse to send the item because we agreed in email that he'd sell it to me for 10 dollars?

What should I do about this?

Many thanks



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    The seller HAS to sell the item to the winning bidder, no matter what the price is, as long as it met the 'reserve' price. Wait a little longer (10-15 minutes left) and bid the least you can. He'll be pissed, but what the heck? you won!
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    If he really wanted to sell it to you for $10, he'd have ended the auction early to sell it to the high bidder (you), or he'd have listed it as a straight Buy It Now auction.

    The only reason he left it going, I'm sure, is the hope that it would fetch more than $10 from someone else. Don't feel badly about winning it for $5.

    Anyway, he has to sell it to you, or risk your negative feedback, unless your emails specifically said something like "whatever the auction ends at, our deal is for $10". Then I guess you're morally obligated to pay the $10.
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