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Hey everyone...I will be traveling to Italy in 3 days. I'll be there for a month exploring archaeological dig sites and museums...should be fun. Anyway, I'm bringing my Powerbook, Canon GL2 camcorder, Powershot digital camera, SE T610 cell phone, and my PDA. All of the power bricks for these say 100V-240V so do I need a voltage converter? I have the U.S. - Italy plug adapters, so how can I plug all these into a U.S. power strip without frying my gear? Basically, I want to plug an adapter to the wall, a strip to the adapter, and my gear to the I still need the voltage converter and is this possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    I don't think it is possible...

    actually no... it isn't possible.. when I went to italy (2) years ago I took a strip and an adapter... and when I plugged them in the strip blew a fuse...

    so I would recommend against the strip unless THAT is rated for 220 volts...

    otherwise as long as the chargers all say 100-240 you should be golden... just get more euro adapters
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I was with my iBook in Scandinavia last year and the power voltage there is 220V

    I had no problems at all since the AC adaptor is universal (to voltage) but you will need the european plug converter since the North American plug heads are different to Europe.

    As for the strip. Yes get the one that's universal not just for 110V otherwise it's going to blow
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    hmmmm, good point about the strip, I wouldn't want to knock the power out of the whole villa, a lot of my friends would be very upset with me. So just to confirm, I should either get a bunch of little converter plugs since all my devices say 100V-240V OR get a power strip rated at 220V. Thanks for the help...the guys at Radio Shack are useless...
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