fax line manager?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
i've been using cocoa e-fax (or whatever it's called now); great little app; with an external fax-line manager (i.e. it listens on the the line for beeps&whistles, and routes the call to the TiBook where cocoa efax answers the fax; if no beeps/whistles, it lets the call pass thru, essentially doing nothing.

the problem is that i just got a new 5.8Ghz panasonic cordless phone/answering machine, and for some reason the answering machine will not record incoming messages if the fax line manager is hooked up. if i unplug the phone line from the line manager, the answering machine works perfectly.

Does anyone know of a software solution for this (i.e. a software line manager) (that hopefully wouldn't conflict with the answering machine)?
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