Adium oddity in 10.3

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Since upgrading to Panther, yesterday, Adium no longer displays buddy names (of people signing on/off and messaging me) on the dock icon. Does anyone know a solution (or a least a cause) to this problem? I love that feature of Adium. I am using OS 10.3.2 and Adium


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    Nobody else has seen this problem? bummer

    (yes, this was a shamelss way of bumping this thread back to the top of page 1. I won't do it again though...)
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    jonathanjonathan Posts: 312member
    answer: use an adium 2 nightly.

    adium 1.x is dead, the nightlies of 2 are rather stable, and so much better
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    What Jonathan said. Adium 2 is the future.

    It still has some rough edges and is in a very constant state of flux, but it's looking to beat the pants way off Adium 1.x.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    wow this seems like a pretty good client...

    will try it out ASAP

    Brad, I see you donated your icons... any chance we could see our smilies up there too?

    would be funny if you swapped the angel one with the devil one for the hell of it
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