Best Deals of the iTunes Music Store

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
For Christmas this year, I got $70 worth of gift certificates to the iTunes music store. I spent it all yesterday morning. Browsing on the Music Store, it was incredible to me how many really good deals there are a few feet outside of the mainstream, especially in classical music.

Here are a few really good deals (notice my restraint on overusing "insanely great"):

Bach Hits Back & A Cappella Amadeus - The Swingle Singers. $10 for 39 songs. Excellent a capella renditions of classical Bach and Mozart.

English and Italian Renaissance Madrigals - The Hilliard Ensemble. $10 for 48 songs. Beautiful, lyrical collection of Renaissance music performed by a male quartet including an incredible countertenor.

Ken Burns Jazz: Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald. $10 for 18 songs. Not quite as much quantity as these other deals, but for Ella, it's a bargain. The best of her timeless music.

1 , 2 , and 3 . - Anna Holbling, Jozef Zsapka & Quido Holbling. $12 for 71 songs ($4 for each disc). A collection of the music of lesser-known but famous-among-music-buffs contemporaries of Mozart, Beethoven, etc. recorded by some accomplished modern musicians.

Gregorian Chants - Choir of Mount Angel Abbey and Choir of Mountserrat Abbey. $10 for 45 songs. If you think Gregorian chants are cool, here's a ton of them, by a good choir.

I'll follow this up later with more recommendations, hopefully with more non-classical for the sake of variety. In the meantime, has anyone else stumbled on an album on iTunes that gives a really good deal for the price? More than usual, that is. Though my gift certificates are used up, I always like a good bargain and will pay for another if I see it.


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