so, i'm thinking of ditching cable tv...

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i already get the weekly paper (and for an extra $2 a month, i can get every day... though that's a hell of a lot of paper to read). i get almost all of my daily reading done online while i work.

i'm thinking with the exception for the nfl playoffs and the daily show, i can get ALL of those television i want to keep watching (all three of them) within the year on dvd with the money i save.

cable's running me about $35 per month, while telephone and internet are running over $70 (ugh). i'm ditching voice mail to cut $9 per month off that cost, too, since i can buy a digital answering machine phone with the money i save there too.

has anyone else done something like this recently? i certainly only watch tv when i have NOTHING else to do, so it seems to make sense, but i've always had tv there, so it just seems wrong...


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    dmzdmz Posts: 5,775member
    Kill your television---you will never regret it.
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    I didn't get rid of cable, but I did get rid of my home phone. I never answered it and work pays for my cell.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    I don't have cable and I have a piece of shiite tv that barely works and is about 10 inches . . .

    I mss the NFL games . . . so I watch the Packers, because I'm in Wisconsin now, and listen to the Steelers online.
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    You will never regret giving up TV, especially cable. I watch, at the very most, a half hour of TV a week. I get a daily paper and so I get most of my news from there. I never realized how much of my life I wasted sitting on my butt in front of a TV. I used to watch a few hours a day until about a year ago when I realized that I was being stupid and lazy and I was doing nothing but numbing my mind by watching TV. So I stopped watching as much and pretty soon I got down to just watching the Simpsons, which I miss most of the time anyway. I've watched maybe an hour of TV in the past month (I've been too busy to catch the simpsons) and life has never been better. Ditch the idiot box, or to a lesser extent, just the cable. You won't regret it. You'll find parts of life you never knew existed and you'll be better off for it.
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