2004 in foreign affairs. Hopes and dreams

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Lets bury 2003 and look forward. So what do you hope the next year will bring us?


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    I can't resist...........

    a US president that is not as horny as me, but more intelligent than me.

    Signed, a dumass carpenter/guitarplayer
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    Major terrorist strike on France.
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    giantgiant Posts: 6,041member

    Originally posted by Scott

    Major terrorist strike on France.

    Nice. You hope and dream for more terrorism and innocent death. I just hope that not the case with all of you people.
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    carol acarol a Posts: 1,043member

    Originally posted by Anders

    Lets bury 2003 and look forward. So what do you hope the next year will bring us?

    Hi Anders -

    My hopes are fantasy material only. I fantasize:

    ~ That Bin Laden will be captured, say he is remorseful and distraught about 9/11, and that he will admonish all Islamic fundamentalists to change their ways, accept the world as it is, and work constructively to help their own people instead of seeking to destroy the west.

    ~ That Musharraf will not be assassinated, but will be president for ten more years, during which time Pakistan will change all the religious schools (that teach hatred of the west) into regular schools, where the students learn what will help them prosper in the 'real' world.

    ~ That the Wahabi sects in Saudi will be ordered by the government not only to quit teaching destruction of the west, but also to begin fostering in their students good will towards all mankind. That Islamists in general will agree to live and let live wrt the differences between their religion/cultures and the west.

    ~ That Kim Jong Il will be overthrown by a military coup composed of enlightened, educated, forward-looking officers who will immediately dismantle the nuclear program and seek good relations with the west.

    ~ That Africa will suddenly become a part of the 21st century, so that the people can prosper without killing lowland gorillas and other endangered wildlife.

    ~ That America will elect a wise and knowledgeable president.

    ~ That the EU and US/UK will find common ground and get along, without backstabbing and mutual suspicion.

    ~ That hydrogen or some other alternative energy source will finally be brought to a point where it is clean, economically and technically feasible. Then the US can get its troops out of Saudi Arabia, and eventually ease out of the ME altogether.

    Okay, Anders...how are these for starters?

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