Shapeshifter Skins for 10.3

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I was enamored with the shapeshifter program and it's ability to modify the skins in 10.2 to an extent previously thought not to be possible. My problem arises when using shapeshifter skins in 10.3. They all seem to have something about them that was right in 10.2, but turns into a slight graphical glitch in 10.3. In the brushed metal theme the finder bar doesn't align properly and their are other alignment glitches. Along with that in brushed metal the highlight color overshadows the item being highlighted rendering it invisible. This was not the case in 10.2. I could go on describing these scenarios with various other themes. The only one that seemed to have made a solid transition from 10.2 to 10.3 is rhapsodized, but that is such a boring theme. It doesn't deviate that much from aqua theme, unless you consider the square buttons and different color apple icons. I am not really impressed by it. My question is does anyone know of any themes that have some flair to them that have no major graphical glitches in 10.3. Or at least not glitches that are very noticable or annoying.

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