Original iBook Panther install weirdness

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I have an original Rev. A iBook (3.2GB, 300G3, 32MB(built-in)+256MB RAM, 4MB VRAM, Airport) that was running 10.2.8 perfectly but is having problems with the display after upgrading (upgrade and install) to 10.3 with the Family Pack CDs. I posted on apple's discussion boards about it here and it doesn't look like I am the only one with this problem. Anyone have any ideas? I repaired permissions and stuff like that (see my post in the link above) and basically what it comes down to is panther using an incorrect video driver for my display (I think it is trying to use QE). So if anyone knows a CLI command that will deactivate QE or where to install (get) new drivers please let me know.

as of right now 9.2.2 is working fine on the drive and I can get to single user mode fine an well... anything past the initial grey screen with apple logo is just a blank blue screen with intermittent GUI items drawn (white menu bar with no menu items appearing from the top of the screen and then disappearing, I can get the force quit dialog, but that just brings up a white box where it should be.) The brightness and volume keys work, but bring a white box instead of the expected graphic...

HELP! I'm running out of ideas and I'd really like to get this book up to date!

oh and safe mode doesn't appear to do anything special either


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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    I saw something like this before when people installed Panther on their clamshell iBooks back then.

    Well... since my iBook display turns pink already so it looks sh_t no matter what. I have Panther installed and noticed that "ColorLCD" was not available on the list, it selected something RGB as default.

    Does 10.3.2 fix the "issue"?
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    haven't been able to install it yet...

    I think I'm just going to go back to 10.2.8 and just deal with that...

    then i'll update to 10.3.x when I get a newer CD...

    this really is too bad because my grandmother is going to Florida wednesday which means I need to Re-Install EVERYTHING for 10.2 (not enough room for an archive-install... need to do a clean one...) STUPID (BETA) PANTHER CD!!! (not really a beta, it is the Family Pack GM... but if it isn't working... then there is obviously a MAJOR bug and shouldn't have passed QC...)

    Will a REAL GB be able to help me you think?
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