Best "skin" and case for ipod 3g

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Got my wife a 20g iPod , from macconnection it came with "free" skins that are silicone but it's too thick and i have trouble pressing the keys

the apple case is also lame

what has been your experience? best skin and best case that are funtional being cool can also help


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    sh0ewaxsh0ewax Posts: 114member
    Silicone cases seem to the most practical and the majority of users seem to use them. Two possibilities are or I Have had only the best experiances with my case from It was promptly delivered and with extra clear iShades. One downside is the screen protection, the iShades are what some consider very ineffective since they produce a "wet" effect because the plastic touches the iPod. The other silicone solution is from which provides a better screen solution because the plastic screen cover hovers over the screen. Look them up online before purchasing, I'm not sure which your iPod came with, but if they are similar then you might have the same problem with these.

    In that case sorry if this post is uselesss.
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