Patterns on new iMacs?

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Wasn't all the talk during the Blue Dalmation and Flower Power phase about how quite a bit of time had been spent developing and perfecting that process of applying those patterns? Wasn't it 18 months or so, the number that was thrown about?

Since those two colors were yanked after about five months' time, makes you wonder about a couple of things:

1. Was this a one-time-only deal and was deemed a failure, never to seen again?

2. Was that an early "test run" to put the process out there to the public (albeit, in some pretty "out there" designs) to see what works and what didn't? Not just in the actual aesthetics, but to see how the patterns reacted over time (fading, shifting, etc.).

3. 18 months - if that is the correct and accurate time spent by Apple dialing in this process - seems like a long time spent to end up with something that barely hung around 6 months.

With all that in mind, have any of you wondered if these new, rumored LCD iMacs might incorporate new (perhaps more subtle and stylish?) patterns in one or all models?

Personally, I'm really hoping for the sleek, glossy white iBook look, but then I think "wow, they sure spent a lot of time developing and perfecting something they barely even gave a chance...".

What are your thoughts?

I don't think it'll happen (can't imagine how they would look), but who knows...


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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    I think they went with the patterns because they were running out of color options. Not that the colors are all but gone, I think and hope the patterns are gone as well.

    I love the metal/graphite/soft white/titanium look. Any of those who rock.
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    neomacneomac Posts: 145member
    I want a pattern like the one found on 'Richie Rich's' dog, Dollar! (white, with black dollar signs all over!)

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Yes, believe me...I'm quite a fan of the current white/clear/silver/graphite look.

    I too hope they don't hamstring this new iMac (if it's mind-blowingly cool otherwise) with some ugly, weird-looking case.

    It would be my luck (and just like Apple) if they came out with this awesome, ass-kicking flat panel iMac with a G4, 15" LCD, combo drive, huge hard drive, cool industrial design, etc. and NOT offer it in white or silver and instead have it only in a choice of three idiotic-looking patterns.

    I swear to God, I could totally see them do it too. Everytime you try to predict what they're going to do, BOOM! Out of left field they'll come with something that makes no sense. 90% of the time, it's BOOM in a good way and you're like "yeah, that's really nice...I like!".

    But that 10%...ooh. Makes me fidgety.

    Fall of 2000, just prior to the Paris Expo Firewire iBooks, they'd just retired the fruit colors and introduced the new Indigo, Ruby, Sage, etc. iMacs at MWNY several months earlier. Many of us naturally assumed "okay, new iBooks on the way...we'll probably have a cool Indigo, Ruby Sage and Snow models!".

    Well, the Indigo prediction was right. But did anyone in the universe EVER imagine something like Key Lime?

    Then last February, they went with the patterned iMacs, so you're thinking "okay, new iBooks on the way...God help us, they'll probably have patterns too!"

    Nope...REALLY nice, squared-off, all-white iChiclets that are all the rage.

    Then they retired those patterned iMacs in favor of three very sedate and low-key colors: Indigo, graphite and snow (actually brought a previously discontinued color BACK...why not tangerine?!?!).

    So this makes me nervous because now that they've got the iBook totally dialed-in and looking sweet as hell, Jobs is probably going "yeah, we need some punch in this new iMac...everyone THINKS we'll make it match the white, glossy iBook...hahahahahaha...wait 'til they see what I have planned instead!"

    I got this nagging, uneasy feeling that SOMETHING about this new iMac is going to impede its full coolness potential and I'll be looking to buy an iBook come January 7.

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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    and then i was like . and then he said .
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    nonono, he said :eek: because I was
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    I got it! I just figured out what the new iMacs will be:

    All white exept on the back they will have a giant (fully pixelated of course) depiction of clarus the dogcow. Steve will tell us about how research indicates that dogcow's have been known to increase user creativity by over 37.682% not to mention that it makes the computer run faster. He explains that THIS is the reason that he had a statue of our favorite hybrid animal on the campus lawn as well as depicted numerously along every glass wall of severa buildings.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    No, it was like and she was :confused: and then I go and then they're like :cool: and now I'm all

    Bite it, pal...
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