Best bets for CD Burners for G3 Beige Mini-Tower/OS X 10.1.3 ?

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I'm anxious to finally buy a Firewire based CD-Burner for my Beige G3 Mini-Tower PowerMac (266Mhz). I have the Orange Micro PCI Card (Firewire & USB 2.0). So I want to take advantage of it with a new burner! My Hard Drive is almost maxed out, as I have a lot of guitar parts that I recored directly on there with SimpleSound on OS 9, and I need to archive these to free up my Hard Drive so I can work with my graphic applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. (especially now that apps are finally coming out for OS X).

What are your recommendations? I want it to be able to work in OS X 10.1.3 with both iTunes and Disk Burner, and I want an external one for portability. Here are some specific questions:

?Will my ol' CPU (266Mhz) be able to handle the newer machines? (32x10x40)

?I noticed on the list of Apple tested hardware list that some of the new models have a

red * indicating they won't work with OS 9...will that be a problem for storing the

sound files I created in OS 9 with SimpleSound, or should I be fine on that one?

?Does anyone have experience with the Formac CD-RW's, or the new TDK external

VeloCD drives? Also, Sony has some pretty cool looking portable ones...but I think they

are mostly USB 2.0 and I think Firewire is more useful. Any exp. with these machines is

GREATLY appreciated!

?Which media/brand are best for archiving sound files?

?Should I try to convert my sound files first? and if so, how? They sounds surprisingly

good as they are, and they are important to me as they are references for song ideas,

so it's important that I can work with them later on, after I have stored them!

Guess that's all for now...please HELP!! ;-)




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    Why Firewire? It's so much more expensive to buy an external Firewire drive plus it's really easy to put an IDE drive into your beige G3. I did this with mine and had absolutely no problems. You should buy a fast Lite-On 32x12x48x IDE drive for cheap. Seriously I don't get buying Firewire drives if you have the space in your tower which you do. Unless you are taking it elsewhere a lot just buy an internal for much cheaper.
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    Thanks for the reply....

    I don't plan on having my current machine for ever...that's one of the reasons why I want an external burner. I would like some thing that is fast and that I can get a lot of use out of in the next few years and with whatever machine I choose to use it with. I don't mind spending up to $300 on a good burner. Already bought the Firewire/ISB 2.0 PCI card with this in mind.

    ?IMPORTANT: forgot to ask, which burner's have the best sound quality? Are there differences in which burners have better sound after burning disks? (yes, I'm picky ;-)

    I'm looking for specifics on what's the best way to store my SimpleSound Files from OS 9, and get the most use out of OS X, too.

    Once again, thanks!!


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    please post feedback on your burners!! :-)
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