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its out, but i don't see anything bout hardware support.



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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member

    Originally posted by blackbird_1.0

    its out, but i don't see anything bout hardware support.


    It's announced, which is not the same thing as out or available.

    I don't like the sound of this at all:



    Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 with Windows XP Professional will ship for the first time as part of Office 2004 for Mac Professional Edition and as a stand-alone product in the first half of 2004. Virtual PC 7 will be available with other "guest" operating systems a few months after this debut.

    So we won't see it at all until Office 2004 is released, and at that time the only way to buy it will be as part of the Office 2004 bundle. Ka-ching!

    Some time later in the "first half of 2004", you'll be able to buy the VPC upgrade as a stand-alone product, but only bundled with XP Professional. Ka-ching!

    Then, "a few months after this debut", you can get VPC 7 with "other 'guest' operating systems". I'm strongly expecting that no DOS-only (essentially no OS at all, really) version of VPC will exist now that MS owns the product. They're going to force you to pay for a copy of Windows no matter what.

    I also won't be the least bit surprised if it won't be possible to install Linux into VPC anymore.
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    I am still crying over the 110$ I spent on buying VPC 6.1. The graphics emulation is so primitive that it makes all modern applications choke; and I am not talking about 30fps games either.

    VPC is a piece of [email protected]#!. I vote for getting fink installed and recompiling stuff written for Linux.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    this would be a great idea for apple but hell will freeze first....COLDER THAN ITUNES ON WIN DAY

    develope an app that is to virt. pc what keynote is to PPvX,

    it could run windows, linux, unix and just for the hell of it, mac classic (7.? - 9.2) (why not? os8=win 2k in style and preformance)

    do something with i-write trademak say.....winword killer and put it all in a box sell for 199$ or os sim standalone with no os's for 99.99 usd port that bi-och to windozw and sell keynote and iwrite individualy on win for 199$ each - buy a mac get it cheap )

    pinch pinch slap "o sorry i am out of lala land now"

    didnt steve at one point recognize M$$$$ as an ENEMY ... i guess when m$ puts your (male reproduction orgons) in a vice , you do what they say....this whole i-Life=office thing too ,is this apple? or has it become Microsoft's advanced thinking and technology development arm?

    windows copies so much of mac, but in all the lawsuets of the 90's hearled at redmond there were none from 1 infanant loop

    just sayin
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    There was one actually but MS bought them off for 150 million and promising to make office for another 5 years. Gee that's real fair considering they've made hundreds of billions by stealing all of Apple's ideas. Even though they sell more...Bill Gates still knows, Macs are better.
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